Must Read Before You Look For A Maid Recruitment Agency


Cleaning tasks around the house are primarily the responsibility of the cleaning staff. They typically adhere to a set schedule and need to be well-versed in sanitation and hygiene procedures, supplies, and tools.

When looking for a maid or chef, we occasionally use maid recruitment agency. For 11 months of employment, they usually charge one month’s wage. Some even impose a joining fee of between 15,000 and 25,000. Because a domestic assistant is so crucial to our daily lives, we frequently pay companies in the hopes that they would send us vetted, reliable assistance.

And there have been a lot of fraud incidents recently. Not only can this result in the destruction of the money paid, but it can also occasionally lead to robberies or other incidents at home.


Housekeeping or maid must be effective team players with strong organizational, managerial, and delegating skills.

A housekeeper might well be needed to perform other household chores, such as simple meal preparation, depending on the property and employer requirements.

The main duties of a housekeeper are:

  • Scheduling cleaning jobs and timetables for various areas of the property
  • Deep cooking and cleaning regularly in addition to everyday cleaning
  • Vacuuming, cleaning, mopping, and washing rugs, tapestries, and flooring
  • Washing and dusting
  • Straightening and laundering
  • Periodic bed linen replacement and cleaning
  • Preparing recurring cleaning reports
  • Maintaining the preservation of silver, gold, and ceramic dishes (particularly in the absence of a butler)
  • Flowers being arranged.

What Do Maids Do In The House?

Advice on picking the proper Agency

You could utilize the following advice to keep yourselves from being taken advantage of:

  • Verify the company’s address by visiting there rather than at your house.
  • Verify the company’s incorporation paperwork. No one is allowed to operate a recruitment agency lawfully without authorization.
  • Request references or testimonials from the agency’s previous clients and speak with a couple of them.
  • Request that the agency gives the maid’s real identifying documents. Before hiring, these have papers verified. Digital sector services can be used to validate credentials, conduct criminal record checks, and even confirm the Helper’s location in person just at the Helper’s home.
  • When paying the fee, ask for a brief free trial.
  • Shorten the contract: It has a lower price and less risk!
  • Make a deal to pay the commission in monthly payments rather than all at once. This eliminates the hassle of trying to receive a refund if the maid disappears.
  • Consider adding your own provisions after carefully reading the contract. For instance, attempt to get a condition that allows you to cancel the contract without having to go through the grueling process of searching for alternatives if you are dissatisfied with the service.

Typically, a comprehensive housekeeper is in charge of all washing and cleanup duties. Housekeepers may have one or more assistants to help with everyday activities, based on the scale of the home and company requirements.