Safe free background check sites with no charge

With time running a background check might be a daunting task. Background checks are nothing new. They’ve been a common way to research someone for years. One might often be curious about safe free background check sites and how they turn up. From checking a potential date to checking oneself, it is a fantastic way to monitor one’s private information.

How to perform a Free Background Check?

There are several methods to run a background check for free, but each takes time and patience. They are as follows-

Manual Methods-

  • Google- “Googling” someone has been an easy and go-to method for finding information and researching people since its inception. The trusty search engine contains an index of most of the information one can find on the Internet, which can be highly useful if looked upon.
  • Social Media- In the age of social media, it seems like most people have a profile that could give some information they are looking for. Social media is an excellent way to communicate and express themselves; many people reveal a lot about themselves on these platforms. If one happens to go to the social media route, they have to remember that many people are protective of this information and make their content private. If this is the case, their profile will only be limited to people they know.

Safe free background check sites

  • Public Court Records- A great place to find someone’s record is to check the country clerk of records website. To do this, however, one needs to know at least the location or address of the person they are searching for. If the address is not known, it would be difficult to get results through this method.
  • State or Local Prison Records- To search for criminal history, one can check using the “corrections inmate” tag on Google search. To do this, one must know the official website of the prison; then, they will be able to enter the person’s information to find out if they’ve ever had a criminal record.
  • Credit Reports- It is impossible to access another person’s credit report legally. However, if one of the reasons I requested a background check is to check one’s identity for fraud, they would be able to check with several credit bureaus and request a report for themselves.

Conclusion –

Many sites offer the best background check for free, but it is essential to check the site to ensure the information can be trusted. A few sites are – Truth Finder, Intelius, and Instant Checkmate.