SMS solution service Singapore – Step up your SMS marketing game!

Modern customers are more cautious and selective when choosing a product or service. This is the reason why every brand and small business is investing in rigorous marketing. Email marketing is an option, but people don’t like spam emails pestering them.

Bulk SMS marketing is a thing now, though. It is gaining more popularity these days. Businesses and startups use such services to educate their customers about their offerings. It is based on the assumption that the SMSs are read right away. It is the reason why sms solution service singapore is what businesses and startups need.

Benefits of bulk SMS marketing 

SMS marketing comes with a variety of benefits like:

  1. SMS service is very fast and delivers the message instantly.
  2. It is easy to deliver a message to many people at the same time using SMS marketing
  3. It is a fact that 97% of the recipients read SMS instantly. This increases the conversion factor.
  4. Since SMS doesn’t go through any spam filters, this makes them a reliable marketing method.
  5. The customer base can be narrowed down into subcategories, and customized SMS campaigns can be designed.
  6. SMS marketing is cost-efficient and doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket.

sms solution service singapore

Top bulk SMS service providers in Singapore 

There is more than one sms solution service singapore relies on. These are listed below.


They offer various bulk SMS solutions for sending SMSs locally and internationally. One-time passcodes and SMS alerts are included. SMSs can be sent using the web, their API, desktop, or iPhone making their services versatile and easy to use.

  1. IKON SMS 

Like most other bulk SMS service providers, they offer features like sending SMS from the web and gateway API. But what sets them apart is the robust structure and privacy control policies. They also enable the users to switch servers in case of spikes or traffic.

  1. Softron Technology 

Apart from the usual features, they make it easy to manage bulk SMSs. Users can download and analyze reports easily. Sender IDs and Unicode SMS are some other remarkable features.

SMS marketing has an unfathomable potential in a world ruled by smartphones. It helps brands to reach far corners of the world instantly. With high opening and impressive conversion rates, this is a highly effective marketing strategy. So, it is safe to say that the benefits of bulk SMS marketing and numerous and varied.