The most memorable events of the film festival at the international level

The most memorable events of the film festival at the international level

Harold Matzner has great credit for revitalizing the film festival of Palm springs and as a successful business person. Harold Matzner Festival Chairman has made a remarkable achievement and contributed in a greater manner to the film festival. He always made a point to revive Palm Springs and mainly the Tennis club to be world-famous by his remarkable contribution.


The Palm springs where the international level award for the film festival is given in the field of the entertainment industry. It will be given to several awards for remarkable acting as well as the director. The award is given even for achievements in the film industry which also includes life achievements as well.

Matzner has presented Rosamund Pike with the award for her breakthrough performance at the annual awards Gala. The Gala also presented the awards for Eddie Redmayne, Julianne Moore as well as K. Simmons which was hosted by Mary Hart.

hard work in life

He mentions the greater contribution done by Rosamund Pike by bringing life to the privileged Amy Dunne. He always admires the efforts of the artist and the struggle which they put forth in every walk of their life.

The contribution he has made to the chairman of the film festival has attracted many people across the world.With nearly 12 billion varied media impressions the festival and the gala generated the most powerful force which is essential for the economic life of a particular city. The film festival attracted nearly 135,000 people across the world and tickets were sold in are which was nearly two million dollars.

A great effort was done to generate good optionsforthe press and was strengthened by the renowned brands and Palm city was made to appear stunning to bring back the glamour of the city. Celebrities are the main attraction of the film festival which cannot be compared to any of their open doors and the attention they drag from their fans.

The presses as well as the tickets were made available in Palm Springs at the time of the international festival of film. All arrangements were made by Matzner to make the varied events of the film festival to most unique and most memorable in the history of an international festival of film which was done at the time of Harold Matzner Festival Chairman.

The moment has turned the event into a magical time of the year mainly for the desert community who enjoyed every moment that was made cherished for a long time.