Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Bitcoin ATM

In the last some years, Bitcoin ATM machines have become quite popular because of growing adoption of the cryptocurrencies. The Bitcoin ATMs provide the most convenient and simple way for the people to buy or sell Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies out there. But, just like any latest technology, there’re both advantages and disadvantages of using Los Angeles bitcoin ATM.

Offers You Convenience

The primary benefit of using the Bitcoin ATM is the convenience. Unlike the traditional exchanges, the Bitcoin ATMs are accessible 24 by 7, thus making it simple for the people to buy or sell cryptocurrencies any time you want. In addition, Bitcoin ATMs usually are located in the public places, like shopping centers or convenience stores, thus making them very easily available to anybody.

Maintains Privacy

Next benefit of using the Bitcoin ATM is anonymity that it offers. Unlike the traditional exchanges out there, Bitcoin ATMs don’t need the users to offer personal details, like their name and address. It will be very appealing to the people who value privacy as well as don’t want the financial transactions to get tracked.

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Despite all the given benefits, there’re a few drawbacks of using the Bitcoin ATM. The primary drawbacks are high fees linked with making use of Bitcoin ATMs. The bitcoin ATMs generally charge certain fee of 5 to 10% on the top of its market rate of Bitcoin that will be much higher than fees that are charged by the traditional exchanges.

Looking at the Disadvantage

One of the drawback of Bitcoin ATMs is a risk of fraud. As Bitcoin ATMs are totally unregulated, there’s a higher risk of the fraud and scams. Some of the Bitcoin ATMs are known to charge huge fees or steal users’ funds. It’s very important for the users to do proper research and just use the reputable Bitcoin ATMs in order to avoid any such risks.

Final Words

Bitcoin ATMs has made transaction simple and effective for the people who are looking to buy or sell the cryptocurrencies. But, there are advantages and disadvantages to using the Bitcoin ATMs. Though they offer accessibility and anonymity, they even come with very high fees and higher risk of fraud. So, it is very important for the users to very carefully consider all the given factors before you use the Bitcoin ATM & to use just the reputable providers that will help to reduce the risk.