Get to know about the various lockers and locks available in Singapore and where to get it

They are a business started in 1990 in Singapore that has flourished and is a dominant provider of locks that too in different types. Locker & Lock say that they have a knowledge of giving back and they give it in this form for the youth and future of Singapore. Security and safety are very important nowadays and one shouldn’t compromise on these aspects. So it has become easy for them to secure any place and make it safe. They should be contacted for getting the best services at a very minimal price.

cam locks

Different types of locks:-


  • First is the cabinet lock that can increase the safety and security standards of the house, gym, or office wherever it is installed. They provide cabinet and electronic cabinet locks. As locks are very important for security, they sell these locks in Singapore markets. The locks are selected on the basis of the location and type of the building. There is very minimal difference in cam and cabinet locks but they have differences in security features. They are smaller in size than thestandard-size cabinet locks. Due to this, they are perfect for securing smaller areas like the cash registers and display cabinets. Nowadays, electronic cabinet locks have come which has the advantage of going keyless.
  • cam locks are another type of locks that are used to secure the interior which do not affect the appearance of the cabinet outside. These locks are customer favorites as they completely secure the cabinet with proper privacy. They are also fixed in the joints sometimes. They are cylindrical in shape.
  • Then there are smart lockers that are more efficient than the traditional locks and they have a storage option unlike the traditional lockers. They have an advantage of technology with which they provide improved and automated service. They too are cost efficient, lessening the manpower and maintenance cost. They perform on their own and there is very little operational cost. Ideally they are a perfect fit for theme parks, prisons, hospitals, etc. They are accessible in a variety of ways like pin/ password, barcodes, finger scans, etc. There are also various kinds of smart locks for every situation and location. Customers can choose from them what is fit for their necessity.

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