Advantages of affiliate network

  1. Products are promoted only by authorized partners

Publishers must apply to both join an affiliate network and start promoting any brand’s program. You are not automatically accepted, so you can be sure that your products will only be promoted by those publishers that your affiliate network has identified as potential good partners. For each publisher individually, one by one, before authorizing their subscription. Precisely for this reason we are more than sure of being able to guarantee our customers high standards when it comes to quality and safety affiliate marketing manager.

Advertisers who decide to open a live affiliate program will have to look for the most suitable publishers to promote their business and approach them one by one, which, as we have already said, takes time and effort. Advertising on an affiliate network allows you to automatically present and sponsor your program to a wide range of potential publishers without lifting a finger and without investing additional time and resources. Publishers subscribed to the networks are of different types and work in different industries, mixing experiences and skills from which you can draw and benefit.

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  1. All sales in one place

Affiliate networks are able to offer you a complete dashboard that authorizes you to effortlessly trace suspicions, clicks, modifications and, greatly honorable, deals and income. For all this data, detailed reports can be generated at any time. You will see which are the greatly profitable publishers and which campaigns are giving good results. All this allows you to easily optimize your affiliate marketing activities and not have to constantly consult different reports, with different settings and data.

  1. Brand safety & compliance included in the service

All publishers are obliged to abide by the terms and conditions of the affiliate program they sign up for, as well as of course the terms and conditions of the network, which prohibit any unethical or dishonest behavior. When dealing directly with publishers, it can be difficult to identify in advance who among them will be guilty of such behavior in the future – it is easier to notice once they have occurred. Affiliate networks, on the other hand, have a long experience in identifying suspicious activities and take preventive measures even before they occur, addressing them quickly and efficiently, before an escalation occurs. Some useful documents are available , such as our code of conduct, published to ensure maximum transparency.