Why To Take Car Insurance Singapore?

It is an insurance policy purchased by the car owner to alleviate the financial losses which might be incurred incase of an accident. The terms and conditions vary depending upon the company and the type of insurance you are adapting. car insurance singapore helps you by compensating for the damage caused to the vehicle during anaccident.

Documents mandatory to claim car insurance:-

  • A copy of the insurance policy.
  • First information report (FIR) filed in the police station.
  • A copy of the driving license.
  • A copy of the RC of the car.

car insurance singapore

  How can we avail car insurance?

  • Firstly, you don’t need to panicthat will only worsen the situation. Just does an inspection of the car for you as it happens seldom that the company over looks certain things. So, an inspection beforehand would be beneficial.
  • Call the insurance company immediately and inform them about the incident. You need to inform them within the time frame that is fixed by the company for claiming insurance after which it would not be valid.
  • Register a fir in the nearest police station; it is a mandatory thing in the claim insurance process. The police will visit the location where the incident took place and will gather the information required.
  • You need to have a valid proof, do take a few snaps of the damaged car and yourself in case of physical injuries.
  • You need to submit all the necessary documents as mentioned by the company.
  • The company will provide you with a surveyor, who will identify the significant damage that has been incurred to the car and will further guide you to look up for a good garage for repairment purpose.
  • You will get your car repaired and initiate the claim process. There are two ways in which claim settlement can be done- cashless and reimbursement manner.

As we all know Indians are obsessed with cars, are emotionally attached to them and hold on to them for years. Considering the prevailing illiteracy in India, it is certain that half of the population might not be aware of the importance of having a car insurance, they should be educated and should be given a thorough and simplistic idea ,so that the laymen can also understand and keep in mind the significance of having a car insurance done at the earliest possible.