Is Retail Erp Good For Your Business

Any new technology introduced in the market is sure to get surrounded with myths and misconceptions. Same goes with ls retail erp applications that people have doubt about, which leads to certain misconceptions about it. While so many business houses around the world are making use of ERP, some of them believe it to be based on old principles and take it no good than an upgraded version of old system and methods.

Myths about ERP

  1. Transformation of information taking place between the applications does not have a direction. The information flows from one place to the other without having a definite direction. Thus it gets difficult for the user to understand the flow and keep a track of the same.
  2. Integration of information within ERP is nothing more than copying and pasting the data. The old traditional system used by business houses was merely based on copying the data and using it at other location. Same thought process and working has been perceived for ERP system. However, this is not the fact as there is more to it and business related data is handled in a different way by the ERP system.

ls retail erp

  1. ERP system is based on standard answers all the time. Hence no matter what kind of queries people fed into the system, the ERP applications serve its users within similar kind of answers. However, this is far from reality, the answer provided by the system might be aware of the question but the answer provided by it shall depend on various numbers of factors.
  2. Using older applications is much more beneficial as it would continue functioning for the business. While if new and upgraded versions is adopted by business, then it might take time to the system to get integrated with the old one and might at times not be flexible like the previous one. This stands out as one of the biggest myths, because ERP applications are completely different and easily gets integrated with older systems to facilitate better working to business owners and organizations.

Thus above mentioned are some of myths relating to use of ERP applications which persists within the mind of users. However, these are far from reality. It is important for the users to understand and realize that ERP system has been developed for the convenience of business owners to run their business with complete efficiency.